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Hey awesome person! This Tumblr is about my fantastic and amazing Robert Sheehan! I hope you enjoy it ;)
Feel free to talk to me any time, I'm Sofia and I love to hear about you
Ps. Spoilers and swearing alert!

hathawaywrites: robert sheehan


If it hadn’t been for a certain man who goes by Agent Coulson, Ethan Keller would have been in jail. Legally a genius (with an eidetic memory to boot), he had potential to go far — if he had the opportunity. After his father was arrested and his mother left them, Ethan and his twin baby sisters were left with the next capable family member: their drunk of an uncle. The man was far from the right person to take care of two babies and a teenager, but the court didn’t seem to care as he was declared their legal guardian. That began the worst year and a half of Ethan’s life. It reeked of alcohol and smelled of cigarette smoke and he can still feel the ghost aches of pain from particularly bad nights. Ethan was only sixteen when the twins died, drowning in the bath when his uncle wasn’t paying attention. The man blamed his nephew for it — thus starting a trial that would span over two months. In the end, the court declared him guilty, his uncle getting off scotch free as Ethan was given time in juvie. But when a man named Phil Coulson found him and offered an opportunity out — an opportunity to serve his country — Ethan didn’t hesitate to accept. Then the years of training began. By the time he was twenty he was one of the most prominent new agents at SHIELD.



The amazing personalities of the mortal instruments characters em We Heart It.

Quand je ne peux pas me retenir de me moquer des lycéens quand ils se révoltent pour la nourriture de la cantine.
When I cannot hold on laughing at high school students when they rebel for the food of the canteen.

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